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44 Watt Deicer. 


 Easily affordable low watt shallow bird bath deicer. less filling.


   Sale Priced at $29.99 (Regular Price $37.50)Price $23.79)

Squirrel Buster Classic, Stops Red & Grey Squirrels- Proven Leader.

The most duplicated squirrel proof feeder on the market, this is the Original, Best Red & Grey Squirrel Proof feeder there is.  Our customers prove this each year! 

Sale Priced at $72.06  (Regular Price $90.80)

Wild Bills Squirrel Proof Stinging Bird Feeder

 Train animals to stay away.  Mild, harmless correction eliminates the need for poles and baffles. Birds are not affected due to their physiological makeup.  Huge 10 lb. bird seed capacity.  

Sale Priced at $149.99 (Regular Price $169.99)  

No No Wire Mesh Cardinal Feeder

Collapsible red wire mesh feeder. No wood, No Plastic.  Holds black oil sunflower seeds.

Top Seller! 

Sale Priced at $41.99. (Regular Price $52.49)

20% Off MSRP!

20% Off MSRP!

13% Off MSRP! 20% Off MSRP!



Proven, non-lethal method to rid your boats, docks, decks and lawns of nuisance birds

 Click here to order your lifelike, duck/geese control kites!



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