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These are just a few testimonials from our wonderful customers.....

Scott M. CA, Now that is customer service, most companies have forgotten what that is. I appreciate it. I will definitely let people know about your company.


R L Phillips FL, If you are looking for a truly squirrel proof feeder, look no further. I purchased one after trying countless other brands and without a doubt, this one works. The squirrels tried a first, but no longer attempt to get the food. The stay on the ground and eat what the birds don't. I have so many birds now, I had to purchase a second feeder. It really does what it claims. Congrats to all of you for selling such a top notch product.


Lisa M.. AL, I am always happy with your service and products! I placed my order for hummingbird feeders on Tuesday morning, and had my order delivered to me at work on Thursday before noon with no extra shipping fees involved. Your website is very easy to navigate, and your products are competitively priced, and our hummingbirds love them.


Dan W. NM, Thank you for your response / advice. I'm happy to say that, using all the advice that Steve gave me yesterday,(when I purchased my Wild Bills 8 Port Electronic Zapping Squirrel Feeder from him) regarding placement of feeders to attract Cardinals, I am now enjoying watching a female Cardinal having a nice meal on some black oil sunflower and safflower that I placed according to Steve's advice in one of my old feeders. I had been seeing the Cardinals hanging around and observing, but they never would commit to my feeders due to my poor location decisions. Now after your guidance .............They're here !! AND I'M HAPPY !! Thanks again, Dan


Dennis J. MA, thank you all got my package fine every thing is great , nice job on my order form start to finish. OMG customer service lives!!!!!


Lynn H. MA, Thank you so much. It is a pleasure doing business with such a responsive customer service in a business. You can be sure I will recommend you to all my friends.


Jo Ann K. TX, Hi! I received my order yesterday and my hummingbirds wasted no time discovering the perches! I am thrilled...ya'll are permanently on my bookmark page! Thanks....


Nancy S. NH I just finished telling my husband I bet they ship it out today I bought our Wild Bills Squirrel Proof Feeder from you last winter I think and again you shipped it out that day and if I am not mistaken I received it the next day. We are buying this for my mother in law and can't wait for her to use it, she is going to have alot of fun and laughs with this, she will probably have a Squirrel Zapping Party. She has a feeder hanging off her picture window and the squirrels just look at her when she yells at them....so this will fix them hopefully Thanks so much for your great items and service and prices

Margaret J. MN Thank you. Your customer service is excellent.

Sally L., PA  Hi, Yes, My product is working fine.  Thank you again for your effort to make sure I am a satisfied customer. 

Valerie, T, CA  Thank you so much for such a nice personal note! I love these hummingbird feeders. I broke one yesterday when washing it. So, I felt I'd better have a back up. Warm regards, Val (and my parrot, Lexi, who loves to watch the hummers while they snack).

Patsy H. FL   Thanks so much for your quick response and generosity. I will definately be ordering from you again in the future.

Monika M., MA   Thank you very much for your prompt and courteous handling and shipping. I will recommend you to other friends of mine. The shipment of birds are now residing in Munich, Germany.

Beverly B., IL   I recently contacted Wildbird Depot via phone to inquire about a particular hummingbird feeder I had been looking for and spotted on their website. The phone was actually answered by a real person, not automated, which in this day and age is a real treat in itself. I was advised they had several in stock and they could ship my order right away. The representative I talked to was very knowledgeable about their products, extremely courteous and polite, and it was very clear that he appreciated my business. He took my order, advised what the total would be, what portion of that was for the shipping and handling, how soon it would be shipped and about how long it would take before receiving the feeders. He took all needed information and before I finished talking to him on the phone, he not only gave me a confirmation order, but I already had that confirmation in my email. Within less than two hours I received another email confirming that my order had been shipped, thanking me for my business, and if they could be of any further service to please contact them. I felt like he was sincere in the fact that my business was important to them whether it was an order for one item or 100 items. I will definitely be visiting their website again when looking for other yard and bird items. This was one of the most pleasureable phone calls I have had concering the purchase of a product and I will deal with them again without hesitation.

Donnah B. CA   Steve & Lisa, I received my first shipment from you and you had attached a very nice thank you note.That struck me as very personal and professional, In a time when customer service is so vital to every business. I just want you to know that my "fly thru magnets'are such a hit, I've given out your website to tons of people. So perhaps you'll get a big rush of orders!!!!! Once again, thank you for the personal touch.

Ellen G., CA   Hi Wild Bird, Our new 32 oz. Best-1 feeder is working out great! We had a lot of birds visiting the prior feeder (large style with perch and yellow flowers over holes) and at first I thought the birds were not going to take to the Best-1. It took them about a day to figure it out. Now there is a constant stream of visitors, and the food level is going down rapidly. I am really going to like having a large feeder that I can keep clean! Thank you!

Linda D.,NH   The butterfly houses arrived yesterday. They are gorgeous! I also especially appreciate the fast service. Thanks so much!

William A.,NC   The hummingbird feeders arrived today. Thank you for your quick response to my order!

Tonda D. GA   By the way, I work in customer service with a large cooperation. I notice customer service when I see it. And, I see it from you. Thank!




Juan T.,NJ   Hello, This is just to let you know that I received the bird feeder today. I also received the nice appreciation card enclosed in the order. It is heartwarming to know that there are still vendors who care about their customers. Sincerely,

Ron V., NV   thanks for the prompt delivery--the feeder is great and the bees can't seem to get to the sugar water--this feeder is great

Sandy A., CA   Thanks so much for sending along the glass tubes and the feeder. I have been looking for about a year for somewhere to purchase the replacements for our feeder. Still don't quite know just how I found your site, but it was through a Google Search. You made my day ... and, once those "rocket birds" come back to us in Southern California....theirs, too !
Chester B., NH   Thank you. Everything arrived safe/sound yesterday. Excellent service--the note card was an especially nice touch. Again, thank you.

 Mary Ann M. AL  I did receive my other package yesterday. Thanks so much for your prompt service. I am a first time customer, but this will not be my last order. Thanks again.

 Patricia S. FL  Hello Wild Bird Depot. Thanks for the email about my order. I just love the birds. I ordered them earlier this year and gave them as gifts and everyone just loves them. Can't wait to give them again at Christmas and also can't wait to see the golf balls and the Santa Thanks and have a great holiday.

 D. Newton, SC  Very efficient..Thank You!

 D. Fischer, TX  Hi Steve--Just wanted to let you know that the additional suction cup arrived on Tuesday. Thank you so much for taking care of that and again, for providing such exceptional customer service. One of the guys at work saw the bird feeder wonderland on my balcony and so I'll be ordering a window feeder for him as well! Thank you, and have a great day! D. :-)

 G. Adolph, IL  Hello, Just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the window magnets and the prompt shipping of them. Very rarely do I receive a thank you note from a company for shopping with them. It was a nice surprise. I will certainly return for other bird related needs. Thanks again,

 L. Dyette, MI  Thanks for offering superb service and quality products. It is a rare thing anymore to find a company that does both. And now my birds are happy that they have their Hyde bird feeders back..thanks to you!

 L. Johnson, CA  Thank you for the explanation, I feel a little sheepish! As always, we love your product, keep up the good work!

 D. Fischer, TX  I just would like to say what a pleasure it has been working with your online web site. It's easy to order online and the items I have ordered have been well-packed. Imagine my surprise yesterday when I got my Droll Yankee window feeder and there was an envelope with my name handwritten on the front -- a thank you note! That truly is customer service and I greatly appreciate it. I will gladly continue to do business with Wild Bird Depot and appreciate your thoughtful customer service. Thank you and best wishes,

 S. Pecenka, CA  Must tell you how pleased with my very first purchase...a rural mailbox cover, a seaside motif. It arrived in excellent condition and was a snap to install! Thanks so much!

 M. Blake, MI  I recently purchased a couple of small bird feeders from your company and Wow! I now have four bird feeders - three of them are the ones like you sent. The fourth is another variety and it is rarely used by the little speedsters. I can't keep the others full. I live in Michigan NOT California, but the hummers around these feeders are like bees. Our guests, as well as my husband and I, are flabbergasted by how many hummers there are in our front yard and very entertained by their antics. I hope to order more of these for my children and their families if taxes don't break us, :-0 I also appreciated the nice "Thank You" note you sent with my order and the speed with which it was processed. I like the way you do business and you can bet your bottom dollar I'll pass the word on!

 D. Bascom, NY  Thank You! Thank you! I must confess, I am moving into our new home/horse farm and have gone to the new (plain) mailbox everyday excitedly!! I can't wait to get it !!

 F. Saccomanno, NY  You guys are great!!! Great service!

 J. Armentani, AZ  Thank you! I received it on Monday 09 July. they are perfect!!

 B. Pitts, CO  Thank you soooooooooo much. I love the feeder and so do the hummers!

 B. Shriver, SC  I received my birdfeeder yesterday and love it (and so do the birds!). I enjoyed doing business with you.

 D. Morrell, NJ   Hello, I wanted to thank you for re-sending my order. I ended up picking it up at the post office and was very happy with the hummingbird feeders. A friend had given me the money for the feeders as a moving gift when I left my SoJersey home, so the order had special significance for me. You were so helpful--thanks again!

 S. Lakin, CO  I think you came up with the perfect solution. Sunday I moved the feeder under the willow tree, if for no other reason than to get the leaky mess off the porch. It hasn’t leaked since. I love my hummingbirds. So far this summer I have bought 30 pounds of sugar, just to keep the little beggars happy. Thank you for your great customer service. A courtesy that is getting harder to come by all the time.

 B. Buendia, NY  So psyched the order was already sent! It was for Mother's Day and I wasn't about to put pressure on you to hurry, because my delay in ordering was to blame. You guys rock. Thanks much

 M. Daniels, MO  Rec'd my order today. Thank you for the wonderful, fast service. Love my mailbox covers!

 D. Parrish, GA  Ordered Monday (4/2) received today ((4/4)!!
Thank you for the excellent service!!

 N. Martin, TX Thank you so much for your response. You are truly a great website! I'm new to bird watching, so this is an adventure and people like you, make it such a pleasure and of course, the beautiful birds! Enjoy your day.

 N. Martin, TX THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR NOTICING AND ASKING! I am impressed by your service already.  Yes, please ship them together and save me the shipping charges. I got so anxious to place my hummingbird feeder order, that I forgot I wanted a birdfeeder too.  Looking forward to enjoying the birds around my home. Thanks again for your consideration. I was truly amazed by your service.

 P. Nelson, MA Incredible service!. I recently placed an order on-line for 2 "Clinger Only" Green Small Bird Feeders. I was amazed that I received them in the mail 3 days later along with a thank you note expressing appreciation for my business. This kind of service and gratitude to the customer is, unfortunately, very rarely found these days. You are to be commended for putting such a premium on customer satisfaction. Thank you, Steve and Lisa , for giving me such an enjoyable shopping experience.

 F. Yurchiak OH Hello, I received the sunflower tube portals for my K-Feeder the other day. I would like, again, to thank you for your assistance and trouble in obtaining these parts for me. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to my friends in the future. Your assistance has been GREAT!

 W. Hilditch, GA Good day, Your card with my order got a couple of, "I'm impressed." comments. I'd probably lose you in my PC favorites box, but I won't lose your business card. That is a good idea too. Fair & fast. I'll be back as my new $12 thistle feeder won't hold up to even one bear attack. I got what I paid for.  Thanks for everything.

L.  Ragland, VA  I just wanted to let you know that I did receive my order. Thanks very much for your help! I look forward to ordering from your company again.

N. & B Meyers, FL  The birds arrived today and we are just thrilled with the excellent quality. They are truly beautiful. Thank you for excellent customer service. Best regards

T.W. CA:   Thank you for the information. I look forward to receiving this shipment and having the feeders up for immediate use by the local hummers. I look forward to doing business with you again in the near future.

J.E. SC:   Wow! Thank you!!! for your customer service. We have one of your hummingbird feeders and wanted another because they seem to attract the "hummers" so much better. ...thank you. And happy holidays!

C.P.  TN:   The birdfeeders arrived today. Thank you for keeping me posted and for getting them here for Christmas. I very much appreciate the way you handled this matter. It is the kind of customer service that will bring me back. Have a great holiday.  

D.S. AL:  I received my package on Fri. the 1st. of Sept. and I thank you kindly, and my birds thank you.......everything is fine now....Thanking you for your immediate attention to my request, a pleasure to do business with folks like you, not much of this exists this day and time...Best regards.

T.M SC:   I am very pleased with the order I have received and will keep you in mind for future orders.

L.F. MD:   Thanks for answering me so quickly. Please send my order ASAP... the squirrels are having a field day. Thanks again. When I buy new again, it will be from you!

M.F. NY:   I appreciate the effort you made to reach me and the prompt service.....again, thank you for your great service. I'm sure I will order again!

F.K. PA:  This is my first contact with you - I found you online when I used Google to find a squirrel-resistant bird feeder. I'm writing to let you know that I plan to mark your site in "My Favorites", too. Your timely reply to my question was appreciated and I am especially pleased with your free shipping offer. Thanks so much for your responsiveness! Many thanks and kind regards.

J.G. FL:   Received our order today.....thank you so much for your promptness. Your merchandise is adorable and your service is above and beyond expectation. Keep it up. Will definitely recommend you to others.

J.W. OH:   Hi WBD, Thank You for your response ....Again Thank You for being a GOOD Business.

Joan S. VA:   Received k feeder clear dome today. Bird feeder is up and being enjoyed.Not only were you extra prompt in getting my order out, but a thank you gift and note? I am impressed.Thanks so much for your super customer service (a phrase seldom earned in these times).

Robert T. CT:  Appreciate your prompt service.

Grace G. CA:   Received my order today and I'm very happy with product and your services.Thank you for your awesome service!!!!

Lisa B. MN:   Thank you for my recent order. All of the hummingbird feeders and supplies that I ordered arrived in perfect condition.I had a great time shopping on your very extensive website, and I can't believe how fast the order came all the way to Minnesota.I enjoyed the personalized service, and will definitely do business with your company again!

D.G. CA:  Thanks for a great product and your wonderful service.

J.A. CA:   Thank you for your Email. Happy to report that the perches have arrived - they must have come right after I emailed you. Thank you so much for your good service.

B.J. WY:   Thanks for everything! I appreciate it and will definitely recommend your website and ordering department.

D.S. ID:   Thanks for the card. That was a very nice thing to do. Your Company rates an A+ in express service and customer relations. Once again Thanks, And May God Bless!

D.A. CA:   Thank you for the quick response,,,the hummers are really thick here now...and I have to change the feeders every 2 days...need the extra feeders so that I can have a filled one on hand when I have to take one of mine down....lol..

M.D-B., DE:   Thank you for your expedient and courteous service.

Amy, TX:   Thanks for the quick response. I will let my friends know about your site. Thanks again!

C.H. FL:   I received my order yesterday and I'm very pleased with the product. Thank you for the quick service for this first time customer!

Coleen M., FL:   What a nice personal touch you folks have sending a thank you note and business card in my order. Great products, I will be ordering again.

Suzanne & Jack C., AZ:    We received our order for replacement parts and a new hummer feeder and thank you so much for the enclosed flashlight and card. What a wonderful and warm surprise! We will definitely continue to do business with you and hope to visit your store in New Hampshire some day when we take our RV to New England in the near future. Thanks again for your TRUE, SINCERE and GENUINE customer service.  

Tom H, MS:    I order on the internet for a lot of different things. working with you has been the BEST.. And the shipping was FAST.. Thank you.

Emily, OH:    The magnets are great! I am giving them to my grandfather in-law for his 90th BDay. He's as sharp as a whip and an avid bird watcher. He is going to LOVE them! Thanks again for the extra pressies too!

Linda, PA:   OMG! You guys are too much. You have my business forever! ...held onto this feeder figuring I could get the part. Was so glad Hyde was imprinted on the top. That made it quite easy. . . as well as the website! Thank you for all your help and the feeder part/replacement and the free darling gift! You will be high on my list for the holiday season! Perfect gifts . .. and remarkable service. I will be sure and thank our new mailman too. -- 

Bill, VT....Yes please ship them together! Thank's for saving me money!

J. Murphy, MA:    Sure please ship the two feeders when they arrive. Thank you for your note and the nice discount!!   Wow! I’m definitely going to continue to shop with your store in the future. I don’t mind the wait when the customer service is great!!!

K. Parker TX:   Special thanks to you for your customer service detail. I appreciate this type of service. 

J. Nagy - former Lake Winnipisaukee person :):     Your e-mail is so nice. .....that would be absolutely above and beyond in my book. THANK YOU!!! Sorry to be such a problem - we love your bird houses!! Thank you!

Loretta  Hi Steve (I have now emailed you more than I do some of my friends. :) I will definitely keep the Wild Bird Depot in mind if I decide to start feeding any other birds because you have definitely gone above and beyond for customer service. I really, really appreciate it. Thanks again!

D. Roff:   Hello, i just wanted to say how beautiful the oriole feeders are! I haven't been able to find one in the stores around me. I just saw an oriole (bullocks) land on my tree,and I was so excited that I had to find a feeder for this bird to come again. I have many other feeders for other types of birds, but this one is truly amazing. Thank you for your web site on bird supplies. I love it!  

Grace, IL:    I just love your site! I can alway find something new and unique. I always try to give nature gifts to my family and friends, it brightens up their day. Thank you so much for your great service and selection.

Gail, VT:   I had to write about your customer service department. I just ordered a bird feeder after numerous contacts with your people. They were just so helpful, didn't talk down to me. This is so refreshing these days. Thank you so much.

Mrs. Wilson, NH:   I may never shop at your store again. I don't have to now that I can shop online. What an incredible selection and at great prices. Good job Steve.

Eve, PA:   I wanted to let you know that the feeder I purchased is working just as you said it would. Finally, I can just sit back and enjoy my birds in peace. After so many disappointing visits to other stores and websites, I am now a permanent customer. I have to go now, my cardinals just arrived on my new feeder!

Anita, IL:   I'm not from NH, but according to your local customers, you must have a great store. I have ordered lots of feeders from you and have to say I couldn't be more pleased with everything. Customer service, your selections are better than other bird sites and I don't have to worry about your prices. Now, I can just order from one site for all my birdfeeding needs. What a joy this is. Thank you all.

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