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Wild Bird Depot.com is an extension of the successful retail store, Wild Bird Depot. Steve White, the owner, has been featured in national publications due to his family's successful enterprise. He is a bi-weekly columnist for a state wide newspaper, hosts a weekly, live, call-in radio show and is a guest speaker at home and nationwide.

Wild Bird Depot has donated over $5,000 to the local wild bird rehabilitator, The Science Center of Holderness, for their efforts. Cornell Lab of Ornithology's Project Feeder Watch has also been a beneficiary. The store has contributed to two local school systems by providing product and support for Classroom Feeder Watch.

Wild Bird Depot was on the Board of Directors for the National Bird Feeding Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating consumers about the benefits of backyard bird feeding, one backyard at a time.

Community support, high-quality products, unlimited customer support and exceptional value means that Wild Bird Depot and Wild Bird Depot.com are your best choices for wild bird products. Enjoy backyard bird feeding with the right products, at the right price, at the right locations for maximum results.


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Steven P. White, EzineArticles.com Basic Author


Wild Bird Depot Donates 900lbs. Wild Bird Seed To Audubon Prescott Farm Center

January, 2005

Steve White (left), owner of Wild Bird Depot, Gilford and Scott Fitzpatrick (right), Executive Director of Prescott Farm Audubon Center look over 900 lbs. of wild bird seed that the store donated to help the Lakes Region of New Hampshire's wild bird population over the winter.

Since opening its doors in 1996, Wild Bird Depot has dedicated itself to the education of the public about backyard songbirds. The store has helped Gilford Elementary and New Hampton Community Schools with Project Feederwatch Programs. Over $5,000 has been donated to the Holderness Science Center for its rehabilitation programs.

Steve White was on the Board of Directors for the National Wildbird Feeding Society for 6 years. In honor of February being National Wild Birdfeeding Month, Wild Bird Depot is once again helping local organizations fufill their educational needs

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