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Droll Yankees 18" Nyjer (Thistle) Tube Feeder w/Removable Base

Product #:  dycc18n
Brand:  Droll Yankees
  • The clever twist off base allows you to dump chaff or debris each time you fill your feeder. This helps you prevent mold toxins that can be deadly to birds.
    Give your birds the ultimate with Comfort Perches, 180 degree two-position rings that allow the birds complete discretion in their orientation to the port.
  • The port design doesn’t require another port opposite it. This allows for independent placement on the tube which leaves greater spacing between the ports. The result is unimpeded seed flow and easier, more thorough cleaning when performing interim cleanings.
  • The cap detaches easily for thorough cleaning. Just slide the cap up and carefully remove the ends of the bail wire from the bail rod. It goes back together just as easily.
  • The threaded base makes it a snap to attach the a seed tray to catch spilled seed and provide extra perching room for the birds. Available in both Sunflower/Mixed Seed and Nyjer versions. With metal surrounding the Nyjer port openings, you can feel confident using a delectable Nyjer Seed mix containing sunflower chips without worrying about the squirrels destroying the tube.

Special Features:

  • Seed or Feed Options: Nyjer Seed

  • Capacity: 2 lb. of seed, 4Ports

  • Dimensions: 6 x 6x23 (assembled)

  • Mounting: May be hung or pole mounted

  • Construction: UV Stabilized Polycarbonate and stainless steel bail wire

Droll Yankees 18" Nyjer (Thistle) Tube Feeder w/Removable Base

Retail Price:  $89.99
Price:  $79.99

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Price: $79.99

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