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Window Alert

Product #:  winda1
Description:  Millions of songbirds will die in North America this year when striking home and office windows. You can help prevent this loss with a new, high-tech window decal.

WindowAlert is a static-cling decal that may be applied to window glass. The decal contains a component which brilliantly reflects ultraviolet sunlight. This ultraviolet light is invisible to humans, but glows brilliantly for birds.

Birds have significantly sharper vision than humans. For example, songbirds have 12 times more photoreceptive cones in their eyes than humans

WindowAlert decals help birds “see” windows and thus avoid striking the glass.

What do our consumers enjoy most about WindowAlert decals? They enjoy the subtle appearance of our decals and the confidence of knowing they have made their home or office safer for songbirds.

4 Decals per packet. We recommend one packet per window for good coverage.


“Great product! With many birds attracted to the feeders around my house, flying into windows had been a problem in the past, but since I put up these decals, not a single bird has flown into a window. EVERYONE should use them!!!” Patricia – Monroe, CT

“I work at a car lot with a lot of glass. We've tried a lot of products and nothing has been as successful as WindowAlert in preventing unnecessary bird deaths.” Tony – Lexington, KY

“At first I only had two WindowAlert decals on one of the windows and a bird did hit it, but not hard, and flew away. After I put all four decals on each window, we haven’t had a bird attempt to fly through the windows. The decals are transparent and do not interfere with the view. This is a great product and I would recommend it to anyone who is concerned about the loss of birds flying into windows. Thank you.” Juanita – Madras, OR

“I think this is a wonderful idea and wish many more folks knew about it...I will be telling others and hope you make it a point to do so also…” Lynn – Stanwood, WA

“A very good product. Excellent customer service.” Warren – Tomahawk, WI
Jeannette, PA

Price:  $6.99


Price: $6.99

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