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WildBirdDepot.com Gift Certificate

Product #:  gift certificates

With over 1500+ nature products to choose from at WildBirdDepot.com, it's no wonder that our Gift Certificates are the perfect answer for all your gift-giving needs.  We have made it easy for you to choose which gift certificate is just right for you.

Simply go to the drop down menu on the right and click on the dollar amount of the Gift Certificate you would like to purchase.  After choosing, simply hit the "Add To Cart" button.   After finishing your Gift Certificate selections, simply hit the "Checkout" button.  Just like ordering products, the next page will be the "Bill To/Ship To" area.   Fill in the required spaces for the billing section.  If you wish to receive the Gift Certificate directly to you only, be sure to hit the "same as billing" button in the "ship to" section.

When done with the billing/shipping page, hit "next" to complete the credit card information section.  This is also the section where you can add any sentiments you would like to have included on the Gift Certificates.   Special instructions for our order-receivers should also be included.

After payment is complete and the order accepted, we will send an email Gift Certificate to the specified recipient.  Online Gift Certificates do not have any shipping charges applied so you get more value for your gift-giving dollars!  Since all online Gift Certificates are sent via email only, be sure all email addresses are accurate. Any sentiments will be included in the body of the email.  A special redemption code will be included, as well.  That code can now be used by the recipient to purchase products at www.wildbirddepot.com.   Gift Certificates purchased online are nonrefundable, not redeemable for cash and can not be used at our retail store.   Also, Gift Certificates do not have to be used all at once.  Balances will be calculated for left-over amounts.   By law, any Gift Certificates issued in New Hampshire do not have an expiration date, so Shop Til You Drop!


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$20.00 - $100.00

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