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Heated Bird Bath EZ Deck Tilt 'N Clean

Product #:  alliedpr650
Brand:  Heated Bird Baths, Heated Baths
Description:  Heated Bird Baths, Heated Baths.  This heated bird bath features a tilt-to-clean deck mount.  The bowl dimensions are 20" diameter x 2" deep. The rim is specially designed to be easily grasped by a bird's feet, making it a natural bird perch, and thereby encouraging bird landings. Includes mounting bracket that firmly attaches to your existing deck rails.   This simple but durable mount firmly attaches the bird bath to deck rails. Its unique design easily tilts and lifts for cleaning or storing of the bath. Simply undo the catch and tilt the bird bath up for cleaning and draining, or lift straight up to remove the bowl completely.  150 watts power

Product Features:
  • Heated birdbath with railing mount for year-round bathing from API, Inc.
  • Basin is constructed in plastic with built-in thermostat under the surface to prevent water from freezing in cold weather
  • 120-volt heater operates at 150 watts
  • Power cord stores underneath the basin when not needed in hotter temperatures
  • Clamp-on mounting bracket features hinge to allow users to dump the basin over to clean out stagnant water
  • The bath measures 20 inches in diameter with a 2-inch depth.
  • Three Year Warranty

Heated Bird Bath EZ Deck Tilt 'N Clean

Retail Price:  $139.99
Price:  $119.99


Price: $119.99

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