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Jackite Osprey Kite

Product #:  Jackite Osprey OA
Brand:  Jackite Kites

 All Jackite Bird Kites/Windsocks have these features:
  • Made of Dupont Tyvek
  • Flaps its wings and soars in the air like a real bird
  • Wings flap because of ultra-flexing fiberglass rod
  • Printed with fade-resistant inks
  • Can be flown as a kite
  • Can be flown as a windsock off a long flexible pole
  • Comes in a tough mailing tube with color label
  • Partially assembled in the tube
  • Requires a few simple steps and it's ready to fly
Are birds making a mess of your boat or docks? Head spinning owls don't work. Balloons don't work.  Our realistic scarecrow birds DO work!  Fly our Osprey bird kite over your garden, dock, deck, pool, or boat to keep ducks, geese and other annoying and damaging birds at bay.. This kite and the other scarecrow bird kites have been successfully used by waterfront property owners, farmers, marinas, bee keepers, orchard owners and government agencies. Of course you can also use our Jackite Birds just for the fun of flying your own bird. All of our Jackite Birds perform the same way, each bird will beat it's wings, bank in the air and soar to new heights. Jackite realistic birds are constructed of Dupont Tyvek and a solid fiberglass interior rod. Each bird is water resistant and tear resistant. These birds also make great windsocks. You simply attach any Jackite bird to our fiberglass pole (not included) with a lead line and watch it fly all by itself. The assembled bird comes packaged in a 3" diameter tube. Upon arrival, you simply remove the kite from the package and perform three easy steps to the bird and it's ready to fly.  It takes less than 5 minutes to complete!  All kites and poles come with a 90 day limited warranty.  Osprey wingspan is 44".  
**For best results, use the Eagle to scare away geese.  For other birds such as ducks, etc, it is recommended that the Osprey kite be used.  
(This picture shows our Jackite Osprey Kite with optional 16' black telescoping pole and 7' line rig w/swivel ends) 

I saw this flying in Virginia Beach, Va and was taken by it. I am flying it from their 20 ft. collapsible pole, and it flaps its wings and really looks real.
Jackite Osprey Kite 
Retail Price:  $49.99
Price:  $39.99

   Jackite Osprey
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Price: $39.99

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