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BrushArt Ornament, Eco-Friendly, Buri Posable, Bear Polar Frosted

Product #:  BRUSHOR16F
Brand:  BrushArt Ornaments, Eco-Friendly, Buri Posable Critters

BrushArt Ornaments, Eco-Friendly, Buri Posable Critters

BrushArt Buri animal ornaments are not moulded, stamped, or machined. Each is uniquely trimmed by hand almost entirely from vegetable fiber, leaves and seeds (we sometimes use felt for ears, and the ‘hot glue’ that keeps the appendages on is plastic).
For animal bodies we've a hard fiber - buri palm - and a soft fiber - aloe. For a few animals we use raffia. The buri is the tallest palm in the Philippines, and grows throughout the archipelago. We extract the fiber from the older fronds, and harvested in this way the palm will live 50 or 60 years. The aloe we use is a relative of the one that goes in your shampoo. Our species thrives on hilly slopes in poor soil, and is useful for preventing erosion. Again, we get our fiber from the older leaves, and the sturdy aloe shrub will serve us for 20-30 years. Its soft fiber is suitable for ornaments, while buri can be used for both ornaments and large animals. A fuller list of the materials used can be provided on request. BrushArt Buri animal ornaments can be POSED in different positions (there's a double wire running down the center of the body). Just hold between the palms and gently twist!
 Dimensions: 2.5" x 2.5" x 2.5"

BrushArt Ornament, Eco-Friendly, Buri Posable Bear Polar Frosted
Retail Price:  $14.99
Price:  $11.99

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Price: $11.99

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