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Window Fly Thru Bird Magnets Eagle Ornaments

Product #:  CC52015
A fun and unique way to decorate your window!

The Original Fly Thru Window Magnet Ornaments.  Don't be fooled by cheap imitations. Each ornament is connected in the middle by a strong magnet.   When the two halves are together with the window glass between, a 3-D effect is seen with the figure appearing as if it is really flying through the glass.   Works great on window screens as well.Each piece is made from a textured high quality ceramic with great detail for a realistic look.  Individually boxed, packed carefully in molded Styrofoam, for gift giving convenience.  Many people buy more than one kind to send out as gifts because they are so much fun to see and are very affordable.

Some of our customers testimonials:

"These make great Christmas tree ornaments.  Your special magnet holders look great, are an excellent value.  Now, I can use all by window magnets during Christmas and then put them back on the windows after the holiday is over.  I ordered more to give out as gifts, they are so cheap to buy from you.  I just can't thank you enough for your ideas and products."   Elizabeth,  CA

"I'm back for more. I should have ordered them all the first time. I'm having so much fun with these window magnets. My husbands thinks I've lost it...." Mary, TX

"I'm collecting them all. I have ordered almost all of mine from you. You send them out fast! Love your service and selection. Will you be getting anymore varieties?" Paula, ID

"I have them on my windows, kitchen cabinet doors and on our camper. I like watching our friends reaction when they see these birds that look like they are flying through the glass. It's priceless." Tammy, FL

"I live next to a golf course. The golf ball going through the glass has caused quite a stir when my foursome comes to the house after a quick 9 holes." T. Kinsley, MS

"I just love my ruby throated hummingbirds. I put the magnet on the window next to the hummingbird feeder. You should see their reaction. They can't seem to figure it out, real or not." Tina, PA

"I just tried your christmas tree suggestion. They look great! Thanks so much. Now I need to order more for gifts!" Theresa, VA

"....They all look like the real thing. Very sweet...." Adrian, CA

Window Bird Magnet Fly-Through Eagle Ornament

Retail Price:  $9.99
Price:  $8.99

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Price: $8.99

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